Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Three friends

These three bunny girls wear cosy jumpers and pretty trousers too keep warm in the autumn chill. Their outfit is kept simple and strongly stitched so they can keep company for long to a little girl.

Cornflower, Poppy and Clover
 They can't wait to start their journey to their new owners, three little girls.

 All three of them have a little colour on the trousers :)



 To pretty up they put a little bow just behind the ear. I machine stitched it in place with triple thread, so the wind (or little hands...) can't pull it off.
Aren't they pretty? Hope they will be good friends with the little girls!


Linda Coleman said...

Hi Brid
thank you for following my blog. Love the three bunnies, did you have a pattern for them?

Brid said...

Hi Linda,

welcome here! The original pattern for the bunnies is from one of Tone Finnanger's books.