Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tutorial - salt shaker a la Tulip Cottage

When my plastic salt shaker broke I had to come up with something to store and dispense the salt. I had an empty plastic baking powder box - so far so good. But it was just... too plain. I was thinking about sticking some nice paper on it, but my kitchen is too wet - it would just come off. And then I had an idea! If I use fabric that looks pretty enough but if gets dirty I can wash it.
So, if you'd like to give it a go, here it goes:
You need
a round plastic or tin box with lid
fabric for the sleeve
fabric scrap for the tulip
a wider and a narrow ribbon
a button
thread and needle, sewing machine
1. Trace the bottom of the box on your main fabric.
 2. Measure the circumference (c)and height (h) of the box. Cut a rectangle from your main measuring cxh, allowing appr 1cm seam allowance everywhere.

 2. Cut a half-oval shape from your fabricscrap, fold it in half and cut away a triangle as on the pic.
 So you'll have a pretty tulip :)
 3. Sew on the middle of the rectangle the tulip using zigzag stitch.
 4. Make a bow from your wider ribbon, secure it with a piece of thread and place in the middle of the tulip. Hand or machine stitch it on.
 5. Sew the botton on the middle of the ribbon.
 6. Wrap the rectangle right side inwards around the box. Pin where you'll sew it together.
 7. Sew along the pnned line.
 8. Pin the bottom circle...
 ... and sew.
 9. Turn it right side out.
 10. Time to punch the holes into the top! Take the lide and punch holes into it using a small nail (I put ina pin here for the photo) and a small hammer. Or you can try heating the nail and then pushing the hot nail in.
 11. Fold inside the top edge, wide enough to leave space for your thinner ribbon to slide inside. Sew it around.
 12. On the back pinch a hole with your scissors into the little channel you've just done. Pull in the ribbon.
 13. Pull the ribbon and tie, so the edges of the lid are coverd but the little holes are free. |And you are finished!
Hope you liked this tutorial. If something is not clear in my description please ask and I'd be only too happy to explain! Let me know how you get on!

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