Thursday, 9 June 2011

New fabric!

I found some lovely 'vintage' fabric - in my Dad's wardrobe! :D
And today I went into a fantastic fabric shop. It was really hard to choose, they had so many lovely bits! But at the end I came out with these:

Can't wait to get sewing!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another new book

I've been looking for a book about Budapest for my three year old for quite some time, but I didn't like any - until now! This one has a short story and lovely illustrations about the city, also some information about the buildings.
The Little Witch of Budapest

My pincushion :)

My needles and pins were all over the place! One time I couldn't find my embroidery needle anywhere for two days :S I was really worried that my one year might have eaten it. So I needed a pincushion to store my loose pins & needles!
I found the idea here.
I made within 5 minutes using a fabric sample and an old shirt :) Unfortunately I didn't have time (and the talent!!) to make the decoration, but will try to add something like that later ;)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kitty Bunny

Kitty Bunny in her casual trousers and jumper.
I was very nervous when I made her :s I've been thinking about selling a bunny for quite some time and she was the first one. I checked the stitches about hundred times before sent her off to her new home! :D
Now Kitty Bunny is a happy bunny with her new owner... who was delighted with her! :)

The Boy Bunny

My first ever bunny! :) He came out pretty well ;) I came across the material in a charity shop, it was a pillow case originally. Even the button came from that!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Lenka by Szegedi Katalin

My daughter got a new book this week. I fell in love witht the illustrations first and couldn't wait to get it for her!

Sarah doll

Let me introduce you Sarah doll! I made her using some scraps of fabric and yarn, and since her arrival she is one of my daughter's favourites :) She has to come even for the walks and holidays ;)