Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pancake Tuesday recipe II. and our Mummy and Daughters aprons

When I was a kid I used to play a lot with the girl next door at my parents' weekend house. Her
Mum made ther most delicious pancake cake ever!
Now I tried it too and it is just...hmmmmm....

4 eggs, separated
50g butter + extra for frying
100g flour
250ml milk
pinch of salt
vanilla sugar or brown sugar for sprinkling (or cinnamon & sugar)

Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. It helps if you have a working food processor... (sigh)
 In a separate bowl beat the butter and egg yolks. I melted the butter previously and let it to cool a bit and worked like a treat, made it a lot easier to get it fluffy.
 Little by little add the flour, milk and salt.
Finally fold in the egg whites.
 Melt some butter in a frying pan and add a laddle-ful of the mixture. Cook until the bottom is light brown and the top is bubbly and set. DO NOT flip over!
Slide the pancake onto a plate with the pale side up. Sprinkle with some brown sugar (or vanilla sugar/ cinammon sugar etc.). 
Repeat until you run out of the mixture. Put the last pancake on top wit the brown side upwards.

Serve sliced with some custard or vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream... But be quick, it disappears all too fast!! 

I managed to finish the Mummy and Daughter aprons today. So my little girls can don an apron each when helping me! And I have a matching one too :) 
Choosing the fabrics and applique pattern

Our muffins!

The cut pieces for the apron, ruffle and tie

I ruffled the apron then sew on the tie

Then pin and sew on the applique

Making the ruffle. So easy!

Pinned on the ruffle and sew it on
 I used an awesome tute for making the ruffle.
And voila!

They came out pretty cute :) But I think I still need to practice a few things... Like applique...


bluecurlygirl said...

Brigitta, I am drooling after reading the pancake recipe. Oh, I'm so trying them out before tuesday - just to make sure I get them right of course ;-) The aprons are fabulous. Are you selling them? Honey bunny is still going strong and getting plenty of cuddles. Thank you so much. xoxo

Brid said...

Thank you! The aprons were my first try and have to admit there are a few mistakes in them. I'm no good at these kind of things, I prefer simple stuffed toys! :D And my applique, ehm, just didn't came out right. But just found a great apron tutorial through Pinterest, so I think I'll be back on this theme ;) I'm glad the little bunny is still doing well and keeping company to your little girl! :)