Sunday, 4 September 2011

Muffin bags - for pegs or bits and bobs

Do you remember the peg bag I made earlier? I found it a bit too plain. And when I was looking at a page with loads of lovely cupcakes the idea struck! And here is what I made:

I like both colours, but I think the red is nicer. What do you think?
Both have a lovely lining of matching material and while they are not too big you can still use them as peg bags or to store small things, paper or whatever would fit in them. ;)
They fit those baby hangers (0-3month size) from the shops, but they can be made to fit the larger ones ;)


Gormal said...

Love the cupcake design, very clever idea!

Brid said...

Thanks! I'll be working on more cupcakey things, got smitten by them! :D