Monday, 19 September 2011

Lemon slices

I came across this recipe in a book and wanted to try for ages. So the original recipe is in 'Hannah Baskerville: Baking' but yet again, I was missing some ingredients and made it in a different way. This was an absolute success with the family, the plate was empty within an hour!

250g margarine, melted
50g sugar ( I  used caster but originally with icing)
1 tbsp vanilla essence
250g flour
4 eggs
175g sugar
2tsp lemon flavouring (original recipe called for lemon zest and juice...)

 Grease a baking tin. Cream the sugar, vanilla essence and the butter in a bowl. Fold in the flour and spread in the baking tin. Bake in a pre-heated (190 C)  oven for 20 mins.
 Put eggs, sugar, lemon flavouring in a bowl.
 Stir with a fork. |Do not beat.
 Pour the mixture over your baked pastry and put back into the oven for about 24 mins, until the topping gets brown.
Slice it and leave on a wire rack to cool.


Louise Cavalier said...

That looks gorgeous,and relatively easy to make,too! Gotta be a winner :)

Brid said...

It is very easy, you can't fail. But if you're using a food processor for making the pastry make sure you use it with the metal swirly thingies suitable for dough and pastry... I learn from my own mistakes :D
And if you have fresh lemon juice and zest even better!