Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

New year - new resolutions! Like more sewing and baking and less stressing over the cottage renovation and studies. Recently they've been taking over my life completely. So now even if I have to sit on top a heap of rubble I'll haul out my sewing machine every day ;) But until I finish the half-made projects here are a few pics of my little one's Advent calendar.
 Of course, I couldn't find the lead to download the photos from the camera until today, so no little sacks full of chocolate and sweets :)
 It's pretty, isn't it? I would love to say I made it but I got only as far as selecting the materials and cutting out the pieces then realized I won't finish in time as that time I was too busy cooking up giant loads of purees for my younger one and getting her to take solid foods. So my Mum helped me out and did all the sewing!
The pattern is from 'A Passion for Patchwork'.


Bebi said...

Csak gratulálni tudok! BÚÉK

Gormal said...

Gorgeous, and the most amazing heirloom for generations to come!