Saturday, 1 October 2011


Ballinasloe Horse Fair starts today. I wanted to make their own horses for the girls and found a pattern on the net. Unfortunately I don't know who is the original designer (maybe wolf and willow?) but owe due credit to them.

 It was one of those double craft dissaster, the legs and the head just didn't came out right. I have to make another one! ;)
But the new owners were still very happy and went to bed with their new friends.


Gormal said...

They're lovely, especially like the fabric print. Bet your little Angels are delighted with them.

Brid said...

Thank you! Yes, they love them, my little one keeps neigh-ing all the time since got hers! :D
The fabric is very nostalgic to me, my Dad goty it from the fabric factory he used to work in and I had a little pillow made out of it when I was a child. Now my girls have horses from the same fabric!