Thursday, 18 August 2011

Layered potato bake

This is a big family favourite, I learnt the recipe from my Grandmother.

You'll  need:
about 1kg potatoes, cooked in their skin
25 gr butter
1 tub creme fraiche
chorizo type sausage
3-4 hard boiled eggs
grated cheese for the top

Peel and slice the potatoes. Slice the eggs and the sausage. Take an ovenproof dish and place a layer of potatoes at the bottom. Dot with butter then cover with sausage annd egg slices. Finally spread a layer of cremne fraiche on these and a good sprinkling of salt. Continue with the layers and finish with sour cream.
Sprinkle generously with grated cheese.
Place in pre-heated oven (200 C) and cook for abot 30 mins or until the cheese on the top is golden.

Enjoy with pickles! Yummy!

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